Why Choose Spinal Balance for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation?

Vincent’s expertise helps patients get better without surgery.
Many medical professionals choose Vincent as their physical therapist.

– Dr. Kenneth Fine,
Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine

Spinal Balance has an exceptional record in treating a variety of conditions and helping patients regain normal function. We help adults of all ages and abilities achieve their maximum physical potential.

Personalized Treatment Plans Fit Your Individual Needs
Because each patient and each condition are unique, we develop your treatment plan to address your specific medical needs and personal fitness goals. Your customized plan leads you through a comfortable transition from pain or injury to long-term well-being and less risk of re-injury.

Variety of Effective Techniques Help You Fully Recover
We use a combination of therapeutic techniques to help patients resume physical activities with full function and manageable or no pain.

Therapeutic techniques include:

  • Electrotherapy
  • Ergonomic consulting
  • Exercise and functional training
  • Hands-on care (deep friction massage, myofascial release and joint manipulations)
  • Hot/cold therapy
  • Hydrotherapy (whirlpool )
  • Marsman Manual Therapy (a three-dimensional technique for treating spinal disorders)
  • Physio-pilates (a combination of physical therapy and pilates exercises)
  • Ultrasound

Trusted by Doctors Throughout Washington D.C.
Spinal Balance is well-known in the Washington D.C. medical community for achieving excellent results.

Experienced, Fully Licensed Physical Therapists
Our physical therapists have nearly 30 years of combined experience in treating patients. All are licensed to practice in the District of Columbia and are members of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Participating Provider with 20 Health Insurance Companies
Spinal Balance is a participating provider with 20 government-sponsored and private insurance companies, offering the widest selection of insurance options for physical therapy and rehabilitation in Washington, D.C.

Convenient Location for Busy Professionals
Professionals working in Washington, D.C. find our K Street office location very convenient for fitting daytime physical therapy appointments into their busy schedules.

Same-Day Urgent Care
We do our best to accommodate same-day referrals. If a physician recommends we see someone right away, we can almost always fit a patient into our schedule.

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